Welcome to the new version of the website!
This version was created to overcome the shortcomings of the previous version. The previous version was great and was functional but it lacked the most important feature of customizability and support of front-end libraries.

v1 Shortcomings

  1. SEO
  2. Customizability
  3. State Management
I knew these even before I started to implement the previous version, but then, the features provided by the Static Site Generator were enough for my requirements.
Let me start by listing the technologies that were used in the previous version.

v1 Technologies

  2. Vanilla JS
  3. Markdown
  4. SASS
After creating the new version, I found that the rendering of HTML pages with the first version was very fast but that was because the Static Site Generator's job was just to convert the Markdown pages to functional HTML code blocks with some logic. I reached a point where even after customizing the original, things were starting to get cluttered. So, I was looking for a scalable framework that provides high customizability along with good SEO capabilities.

v2 Requirements

  1. Highly Customizable
  2. Good SEO support
  3. Front-end library integration
With the above requirements in mind, I found that Gatsby was a perfect solution for me. But it is not a Static Site Generator. It is a fully-featured framework with both frontend and backend support. The frontend is powered by React and the backend is powered by Node JS. And the functionality of the whole framework is powered by its lifecycle methods which help to communicate between frontend and backend when the build is triggered. After the build gets completed, the server gets disposed of leaving the hosting provider and the frontend with all the static files needed.
I started by looking at various open-source themes but none of them resonated with my requirements and my personality. So, I decided to design and build my version. Based on my design and vision, I wanted a UI component library built on top of React that would make my design vision easy and quick to implement. In my explorations, I liked the Chakra UI library for its clean design and easy implementation.
And after initial testing with both of these technologies, I was really happy. So, I decided to go ahead and build the blog that I wanted. One more Godsend with Gatsby is GraphQL, which is a query language that makes the process of querying data very easy and intuitive.

v2 Technologies

  1. Gatsby
  2. Chakra UI
Hope you like the reading experience in the new version.
If you would like to share something regarding the post or in general, please feel free to leave me a note!