Weather App


Weather App is responsive application that fetches the data from metaweather API using Axios and React and displays it beautifully using Tailwind CSS. The state management is carried out by Context API hook.

Technologies Used

  1. React JS
  2. Axios
  3. Tailwind CSS

User Stories Addressed

  • I can see city weather as default, preferably my current location
  • I can search for city
  • I can see weather of today and the next 5 days
  • I can see the date and location of the weather
  • I can see according to image for each type of weather
  • I can see the min and max degree each day
  • I can see wind status and wind direction
  • I can see humidity percentage
  • I can see visibility indicator
  • I can see air pressure number
  • I can request my current location weather
  • I can convert temperature in Celcius to Fahrenheit and vice versa

Things I learned

  1. State Management using Context hook API
  2. Responsive Design using Tailwind CSS
  3. Fetching data using Axios API
  4. Conditional component rendering